These are some of the rules for our minecraft server! Please make sure you fully read and understand these rules when you play on our server. We are not responsible if you get muted even when you didn't read the rules on our server. You should already know some of the common rules on most servers. We will begin with the chat rules first.

Chat Rules

1. No swearing. Swearing is not polite and will be taken seriously and you will be punished immediately.

2. Do not be homophobic! Please do not say "gay" or "faggot" in chat because it is very offensive to others.

3. No Advertising! Advertising in ANY way such as YouTube channels, twitch channels, server ip's, and other advertisements are therefore NOT allowed. If you advertise you will be punished accordingly.

4. No Bypassing Filters. If you type a word that is filtered, DO NOT TRY TO BYPASS IT! The word is filtered for a reason. It should not be bypassed in ANY sort of way. If you bypass the filter you will face your punishment accordingly.


1. Do NOT abuse bugs. If you see a bug make sure to report it in the discord server. Make a ticket and tag the owner using @LethalStrength. If you are found abusing a bug you will be banned accordingly.

2. Do NOT Cheat! If you are found using any sort of client to give advantages like reach, Killaura, flight, etc, you will be banned. We enforce this rule very strictly. If you use any sort of hack like ghost client, WURST, or any hack client, you will be punished.

3. Do NOT use an Autoclicker! An autoclicker clicks for you and will give you high cps (clicks per second) therefore NOT allowed. Be aware if you are butterfly clicking. You may be banned and you will NOT be unbanned if you are detected for using an autoclicker.

4. Mods. Mods are allowed as long as if they don't give you an advantage from other players. Mods like autosprint are allowed. Mods like reach and kb reducment will be monitored therefore not allowed.

If anything is not on here, doesn't mean it is allowed! If you have any questions regarding rule enforcement or mods, join the discord server. Make a ticket or head over to support voice channel. The discord invite is in the About section.